Hydraulic Folding Frame Harrows

Hydraulic Folding Frame Harrows

Designed and constructed with strength and simplicity in mind the  Lyndon Hydraulic Folding Heavy Duty Frames help cover large acreages rapidly. NZ standard sizes available range 4 to 9 metres wide. These hydraulic folding heavy duty frames are built to carry any of our range of leaf harrows (stump-jump, diamond etc) and heavy duty chain harrows (round-ring, combination & spike).

We produce both a towable version and a 3 point linkage version with commercial tyres ,all built as heavy duty for commercial or large scale farming operations. Takes all the hassle out of folding up harrows or dragging sideways between paddocks. Easy to maintain and will give trouble free service year after year with basic maintenance.

Optional extras are a rear hydraulic & towing connection for another implement in behind the harrows, and hydraulic wings on the towable version (standard design is with a central hydraulic lift and manually operated wings)

Also now available is our light-style 3 point linkage design suitable for our lighter chain harrows, spike and round ring harrows. All the benefits of a folding six metre harrow for manure spreading, seed covering, track conditioning and many other uses.

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Contact us for more images and options, happy to customise as required to meet needs of your operation.

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