October Newsletter

New Family Ownership

Lyndon Engineering & Harrows has been purchased by Rachelle Lyndon and her husband Elton Hyde, with our original production team remaining in place.

The business has been in operation for over fourty years, set up by Rachelle’s parents in the mid 1970’s. Elton & Rachelle are proud to be taking on the family business and look forward to working with our clients into the future.

New Look

Over the coming months you will notice changes to our branding being rolled out with our on-line and hard copy marketing material. Our new silver logo represents our engineering products and the inter-connected business relationship with our valued agents and distributors that support Lyndon Engineering.

What is happening within our harrow business?

The biggest focus for us is to promote the use of harrows as both a cost and benefit effective farming tool, so that in turn we can help drive business through our national distribution network.

We will invest further in marketing on more local print publications across NZ, and continue to attend agricultural shows across the country. We are improving our online presence with a new website being built, and by developing our social media footprint along with producing regular e-newsletters. We will continue to lobby agricultural influencers to promote the use of harrows across the country.

Our business model is based on supporting you, the agents and dealerships across NZ that understand the importance of dealing with a high-quality and proven New Zealand manufacturer.

If you want us to look at any new product builds to suit your region, then please let us know as we are always keen to meet the needs of the market. Email info@lyndonharrows.co.nz